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THEN ON | G-Shock’s 35th Anniversary

Hosted by Blends
We celebrated thirty-five years of G-Shock at Hubble Studios in Los Angeles, California. Friends, family and collaborators came out to celebrate both the anniversary and our upcoming exclusive DW-5600BB watch which was designed in partnership with G-Shock. While guests, aficionados and tastemakers rubbed elbows on the dance floor, live performances from Najee Ali Muhammad, DaniLeigh and Arin Ray lit up the stage while visuals from Lucas Chemotti and Jayson Palacio provided a constant reminder of the event's expressed focus.

Special thanks to those who came out and show love as well as our beverage sponsors Tsingtao and Fortaleza Tequilla; DaniLeigh, Arin Ray, Najee Muhammad, and Julz for the awesome audio accompaniment.